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Breads, spreads and everyday pantry items will bring your staff comfort that they can make a simple meal when time is of the essence. >

Bread in the pantry is an opportunity for staff to make quick meals and still attend to their dietary needs. iFresh provides office bread delivery to suit different needs. With reliable local bread makers as our suppliers, we are able to provide a variety of bread including gluten-free bread for those who are allergic to gluten. We will deliver the order directly to the pantry or kitchen. We know the importance of fresh bread and we ensure the older bread is removed.

Some of the Bread Choices Include:

Wholemeal bread, which is the favourite for most people

Other popular types like toast and scones

Healthy low carb bread

Gluten-free options

Mixed grain bread with soy seed and linseed

We also provide bread spread like margarine, honey, jam, and peanut butter

Benefits of iFresh Bread Delivery

iFresh has professional office bread delivery Sydney experience and here are some benefits you get:

We provide quality bread sourced from the best and popular bakeries in Sydney

We ensure that the bread delivered to your office is fresh and tasty

We are able to provide for special needs like gluten-free bread or low fat for healthier meals

We can deliver a variety of other snacks like fruits, salads and food boxes which saves you from having to choose different suppliers

We offer value for money, ensuring that we meet your demands and charge a reasonable rate

We have connections with a wide range of suppliers which ensures that you get a variety of bread to suit different tastes and preferences

Your satisfaction is guaranteed since pleasing the customer is our number one goal

We do not charge for delivery and we do not provide lockdown contracts, you can choose when and how you want your office bread delivery scheduled.

Let iFresh be your choice for bread delivery and you can relax and attend to the important aspects of running your company.

our freshness guarantee

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    Our breads and spreads are sourced from popular Australian food brands.
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    We cater for dietary requirements including gluten free.
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    Our bread is supplied daily – fresh not frozen.
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    All deliveries are made direct to your kitchen hub or service point.
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    We rotate your orders to ensure all the oldest product is used first.
Office bread delivery

breads & spreads

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  • A staple for breakfast & lunch. Choose from a wide variety of breads including:
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    Everyday favourites; wholemeal and white.
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    Seed selection; soy and linseed, mixed seed or multigrain.
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    Special diets; Low carb and gluten-free.
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    Popular extras including Raisin Toast and wraps.
  • Top it off with vegemite, peanut butter, Nutella, jam, honey, butter and margarine.

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