on a busy day, good coffee makes all the difference

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If your office loves their coffee, iFresh have you covered. We provide everything from roasted coffee beans, to espresso coffee machines and coffee consumables. Let us help you make the right choice. >

Computers, printers, copiers, and coffee are a requisite in modern offices. So many offices today are ensuring that they have workplace coffee machines or ground coffee for their staff. iFresh can give your office that much needed fix.

We ensure:

On time delivery of coffee and other complementary products to the coffee room or kitchen

Provide only the freshest coffee

Carry out maintenance and technical support of the machines

The range of office coffee we provide is the result of our experience in providing coffee to many offices and understanding the variations people like.

iFresh can do the following for your office:

Provide instant coffee along with popular teas which include herbal varieties

Make a selection of the best organic coffee

Deliver a range of premium brand roasted coffee for the espresso machine

We also provide hot chocolate, cocoa, and chai powder

Coffee Machines

iFresh can provide you with corporate coffee machines. We source our espresso machines from leading manufacturers. You can opt to acquire one on a lease basis or you can buy it. We also have a team who can provide maintenance and support.

Why Get Quality Coffee for the Office?

1- It is on demand, your staff loves their coffee and if you don’t provide they will leave the work area to get coffee

2- Having a coffee machine will get your staff socialising more, the coffee machine is the new social corner where people gather and talk over a good cup of coffee.

3- Research indicates that employees who take coffee breaks tend to be more productive. It sharpens their mind and improves social skills.

4- Providing iFresh coffee to your employees lets them know that you care about the things that make them happy.

5- Some people judge a company by its coffee, so if the coffee you provide is not quality stuff, they will imagine the company is mediocre as well.

iFresh takes its coffee seriously, no wonder, we provide the best coffee and workplace coffee machines to your office. Make your order now.

our freshness guarantee

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    All products are delivered to the relevant service point kitchen or storage area.
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    All stock is rotated to ensure the oldest products are used first.
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    Any products past their Used By Date will be disposed of to safeguard employee health.
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    Australia-wide technical support and servicing available for all coffee machines.
Company coffee machines

a range of coffee

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  • With over 23 years in the catering business, iFresh knows how to select great coffee for the office.
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    Premium roasted blends to suit a variety of espresso machines.
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    Organic and fair-trade coffee options.
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    Add instant coffee and a range of organic teas, regular and herbal.
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    Add sweeteners, chai powder, and hot chocolate.
Workplace coffee machines

espresso coffee

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  • Get expert advice on the right office coffee machine.
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    Go for traditional espresso machines or fully automatic.
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    Capsule coffee machines available too.
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    Lease or rental financing options available or buy upfront.
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    Sourced from leading coffee manufacturers.
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    Maintenance and support available nation wide.
  • “Our team have loved having a professional coffee machine in the office. It impresses our clients too.”

    Katherine, Westpac

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