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How do I know if the staff will like the fruit?

We deliver thousands of pieces of fruit to offices every day of the week. Years of experience, client feedback and monitoring consumptions levels, has enabled us to fine-tune the perfect fruit box. Unlike other fruit box companies, we will never overload your box with cheaper unpopular varieties when more popular ones are out of season. We include lots of banana’s every time.

Can we customise our fruit boxes?

You can tailor your office fruit box to your offices next. Simply call the office and let us know what you after. Some of our clients custom plan their service by adding fresh berries or avocado for example.

Where does the fruit come from?

Our fruit is sourced in Sydney from the fruit markets. We keep it local to support Australian farmers and also ensure what you get is as fresh as possible.

How often should we have the fruit delivered?

This really depends on your staff size and budget. Commonly businesses will get a fruit box delivered on a Monday so that it can be eaten over the week. Some companies will get a second, full or half size delivery on Wednesday as a top up. For the real fruit lovers, we can do daily office fruit delivery too. iFresh generally recommend 1-3 pieces of fruit per person per week.

When you get started with iFresh, choose to set a scheduled order, giving you one less thing to remember, as well as placing ad-hoc fruit orders. Ad-hoc orders are handy if you have extra guests in the office or an event to cater for.

Can we pick the delivery time?

During the initial consultation, iFresh work with you to establish a preferred delivery day and ensure it works in with our fruit delivery schedule. Typically, specific times aren’t given because as you can imagine there are some instances where traffic is terrible, there is a hold up in a loading dock, a lift breaks, you name it, it’s happened.

Why do you deliver through the night?

Every tried to drive in Sydney CBD, during the middle of the day? It’s a nightmare with traffic, busy loading docks, limited parking and so on. Delivering through the nights mean we can avoid the congestion and take extra time to put your fruit and milk out in the right place and ensure your kitchen hub is left tidy.

Is providing swipe card access safe for our business?

Taking swipe card access to our customer’s tenancies is what enables to deliver after hours. This is common and safe, as you think of all the cleaning staff, vending machine re-stockers and caterers who come by then too. Our customers love the fact that we don’t get in the way of their busy kitchen when staff arrive in the morning and their fruit is all ready to go.

How does billing work?

iFresh runs off a system that generates invoices on the last Sunday of every month. Your business is invoiced for what you have received in this period. We offer 7-day payment terms from the end of the month. Choose to make payment with credit card (except AMEX), direct debit or electronic fund transfer. Deliveries come with pick slips enabling you to keep track of what you have received.

Will we be locked into a contract?

Not at all, if you ever wish to stop your order or make amendments to the schedule, you can call or email the office for immediate action. You are always in control.

What else can you offer?

We understand how time-consuming it can be to manage a range of suppliers, arrange multiple access cards, process invoices and so on. For this reason, we have partnered with some amazing trusted corporate suppliers to bring you more under the one account. iFresh is the delivery partner for Snack Proud who specialise in healthy office snacking solutions. Thing Jerky, Protein balls, veggie chips, Fava beans and more. You can also add better-for-you beverages like juices, Kombucha, and Coconut Water. Snack Proud clients, love the extra service of having snacks and beverages merchandised in the office, saving the office manager a lot of time and hassle unpacking supermarket orders.

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