don’t let milk run out in the office again

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Whether your staff like regular full cream milk, something lighter or entirely dairy-free, we have you covered. Talk to iFresh about the perfect office milk delivery for your office. >

Keeping up with everyone’s milk preference may be a head-spinning task, that’s why you need to count on iFresh to provide all your dairy with milk delivery Sydney.

We Guarantee:

Farm fresh milk from local dairy farmers

Long shelf life products that can last as long as two weeks

Well timed and coordinated delivery so that milk is in the fridge before the work day begins

Safe and healthy dairy products

Wide Selection of Products

Milk and butter in different quantities

Non-dairy products like soy and almond milk

Full cream, low fat and skimmed milk

We Make it Easy

As experienced milk distributors Sydney, iFresh always makes it easy for you to keep that office fridge stocked with the dairy products you need. Simply call us and let us know how much you need, the products you would like, how often you would want these products delivered, and we will deliver them right to your office and keep it coming as often as you wish.

Why Choose iFresh

We intend to be your number one choice for hassle-free office milk delivery Sydney and here is why.

We make it easy for you to order what you want online or on phone

Since there is a wide variety all available in one place, you will be saving money considerably

We source our products from local farmers which ensures it is fresh and supports locals

We are flexible, so you can easily make changes to your order before delivery is made

iFresh has a team of support staff always ready to attend to your needs

When it comes to dairy with milk delivery Sydney, we are the best solution for your office, you just have to give us a try and you will see the difference we bring to your office dairy needs.

our freshness guarantee

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    Our milk and dairy products are sourced from Australian farmers.
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    After hours delivery ensures all dairy products are delivered directly to the fridge at each service point.
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    Every milk product is guaranteed to have 10-14 days shelf life.
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    All stock is rotated to ensure the oldest milk and dairy are used first.
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    Any products past their Used By Date will be disposed of to safeguard employee health.
Milk box delivery

dairy drinkers or not, we have
a milk solution for everyone.

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    Dairy milk, full cream, low fat, no fat (skim) varieties.
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    Choose 1L, 2L or 3L bottle sizes.
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    Lactose-free option includes soy milk and almond milk.
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    Butter, both portioned and sharing tubs available.
Office milk delivery

chilled fridge items to help
staff prepare energising meals

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    Free range eggs.
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    Yoghurt varieties, greek, portioned and coconut.
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    Sliced tasty cheese.
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    Sliced deli meats are available on request.

enquire now to see if your business
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